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Sewing, ‘The Sweet Dress’ & ‘The Dainty Darling Dress’

Since the births of my son and daughter, I have not really had a lot of time to go downtown and work in my jewellery studio. During the day, I am mainly Mama. The only time I have to get my creative juices flowing is at night, once the little ones are in bed. This does not necessarily help with my sleeping pattern but it puts a smile on my face in terms of keeping my hands and brain busy.

Now that I have two little people running around and since they are in constant need of clothes, I have been quite into sewing lately. Before then, I just occasionally sat down and made something, so I am still pretty much a novice.

Therefore, I purchased a lot of clothes sewing books. I prefer the books over the single packs of patterns, because one seems to get more for the money. Usually those books are filled with a variety of different patterns, plus they include really great instructions and illustrations on how to get the projects finished.

So far, one of my absolute favorite books is ‘Sew Classic Clothes for Girls’ by Lindsay Wilkes. She also has a nice blog that you can find here: The Cottage Mama

I have made quite a few dresses and skirts from that book already and all of them turned out incredibly cute. The instructions are easy to understand and really every pattern in this book is worth pursuing.

One pattern I fell in love with instantly was the ‘The Sweet Dress’. It is very similar to the ‘Dainty Darling Dress’ only that it has a two layered skirt, no puff sleeves and no collar.

I made the ‘Dainty Darling Dress’ for my little lady for Christmas (without puff sleeves) and when my niece came to town, who is only two months younger than my little girl, I made them matching outfits using the ‘Sweet Dress’ pattern.

Here are the results, made from 100% cotton fabric, size 12 months.

First, ‘The Sweet Dress’ in a mix of aqua polka dots and dark blue floral prints made from 100% cotton.





‘The Dainty Darling Dress’ in red and green Christmas patterns made from 100% cotton fabric. I also made a little coordinating outfit for my son.





I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading.

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The Jewel Knitter’s ‘Jewel Booties’

For a long time, I have been thinking about a way to combine my passion of making jewellery with my passion to knit.

When my son was born, I naturally started knitting a lot of baby apparel for him. I especially loved to knit booties and after having followed a few design instructions I found online and in books, I came up with my own design of a baby bootie sporting a leather sole. I wanted to make a bootie that looked a little more like a shoe but still had the warmth of the knit.

Initially, they started off as tie-ons:





Then, I designed them with a button on the side:





At last, I had the idea that truly combines my jewellery making with my knitting. I created ‘buttons’ made from fine silver and enamel: The ‘Jewel Booties’ were born.

The ‘Jewel Booties’ are a pair of baby shoes that keep tiny feet toasty and warm but also make mum sparkle with pride.
When baby is small, the little one can wear the booties on their feet. Once the baby outgrows the shoes, mum can cut off the buttons and attach them to the provided chains.

Now baby and mum can wear a sparkling keepsake around their necks that they can enjoy for years to come.

The babies first initial is written in silver wire in the center of the button and is customized with each pair. The color of the enamel can also be individually picked to ensure a more personalized gift. The same goes for the yarn and the leather that can be hand-picked prior to knitting.

The booties come in three sizes: S (Newborn), M (0-6 months), L (6-12 months)

The ‘Jewel Booties’




The ‘Jewel Booties’ as well as some tie-ons and buttoned booties will be on sale at Ethnic Meals and More in Utica, NY on November 11th and 12th. Please join us for their 10th anniversary and check out their beautiful products.

Soon, the booties will be available online as well. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch for any interest or inquiry.
I will keep you posted about my future progress.

Thank you for reading!

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Win a bag of yarn on!

I am a big fan of other knitting and handcrafting blogs and I follow quite a few. One of my favorites is called Strickpraxis, written by a German lady, Ingrid, who likes to write about her knitting experiences as well as home deco, photography and cooking. She does a lot of cool stuff, like offering knitting classes on a cruise ship! (I would LOVE to do that too!) Her blog posts are never boring but it’s all written in German.

However, she is affiliated to the Zauberwiese Shop, a German yarn shop that specializes in hand-dyeing yarns. Until Sunday, Feb. 14th, you can have a look at the shop’s products and leave a comment on Ingrid’s website about why you would like to win a surprise bag of Zauberwiese’s yarn and which product from their collection you like most. I am sure you can leave a comment in English too. The entire Zauberwiese website can be displayed in English also, just click on the flag in the corner.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.27.47 PM

If you should be the lucky winner, you can choose from a multi-colored, aqua-colored or earth-colored surprise bag of yarn. Just mention in your comment which one you would prefer and you might be knitting for free in no time!

The bag contains three skeins of 100g yarns and a little surprise. Not too shabby for me, I will leave a comment for sure and keep fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I actually ended up ordering a surprise bag in earth colors for my mum in Germany. She loves to knit too and since our family is going to have two new babies joining us soon, I thought she might like a little Easter surprise. Besides, my dad ALWAYS needs new socks… 😉

Happy commenting and good luck!

Thank you for reading!

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Christmas Craziness 2015 – Joanie & Tom

2015 christmas socks tom
Tom’s Christmas Tube Socks 2015

My husbands aunt Joanie and his dad Tom both have a very extraordinary taste when it comes to color combinations. So, for their sock Christmas present, I could unwrap my wildest yarn.

Since Tom ‘murdered’ one sock of a previous pair of socks that I had knitted for him by putting it in the dryer and it of course shrunk two sizes, I thought I would make him a pair of tube socks. So, that if he should make that mistake again, he might still be able to wear them. Just for fun, I made a pair of tube socks for Joanie too.

2015 christmas socks joanie
Joanie’s Christmas Tube Socks 2015

The wool for Joanie’s socks came from two German stores. One was is a blend from Regia and the other one was from Aldi. (Yes, Aldi… Aldi in Germany is even more awesome than in the US and they really have great stuff other than food, especially around Christmas. It is really inexpensive too, so whenever they have yarn, I stock up!) The fiber mixture of both yarns was I believe the same, 75% wool and 25% nylon. The Regia skein is a 4-ply yarn, I assume the Aldi one is too but I am not certain. Both knit nicely with a little ‘fluff’ around the edges. As you can guess, I altered the two yarns when knitting to achieve the stripes.

The yarn for Tom’s socks was a Regia skein also. This one was a special skein that was dyed for the Dutch soccer team, in honor of the Soccer Worldcup of 2014. I liked the orange and white color and thought it would be great for Tom. …and it was a big hit at Christmas!

The pattern of both socks is the same. It is a pretty simple K2, P2 repetition that is pushed to the side by one stitch after every four rows.

I hope you like it! Please get in touch for more information on the pattern.

Thank you for reading!
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knitted socks

Christmas Craziness 2015 – ‘Dad’

2015 christmas, oldie2
Dad’s Christmas Socks 2015

The second pair of Christmas Socks 2015 was knitted for my dad.

The wool I used for these is from Cascade Yarns, Heritage Silk Paints (Shadows, Col.9751). It is made from 85% Merino Superwash Wool and 15% Silk. I have to say that this is one of the nicest yarns I have knitted so far. It is a little pricey (I paid $22.00 for a 100g skein) but it is well worth the money. It feels amazingly soft on the skin and according to my mum, it washes really well too. When knitting, I loved the twist that it has. The yarn did not split at all and the twist gave the pattern a very detailed and defined look, not like some other yarn that can look more ‘fluffy’ around the edges.

For the pattern, I chose a mixture of small cables, purls and ‘knit through the back loop’ stitches. In the middle are two rows of ‘KTBL’ stitches, surrounded by three small cable rows on the right and left. The heel is worked in the boomerang technique in a K2, P2 pattern. The sole is also K2, P2. I thought it might give the sock a little more springiness.

I hope you like them! Please get in touch for more information on the pattern.

2015 christmas, oldie1
Dad’s Christmas Socks 2015

Thank you for reading.
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knitted socks

Christmas Craziness 2015 – ‘Laura’

I would like to start off this blog with a little Christmas project I was working on for Christmas 2015.  My family loves hand-knitted socks and they really do make a great little gift. So, I decided to knit a pair of socks for all of them. As usual, I started off a little late, so I was super busy for the last few weeks leading up to the Holidays. Apart from one pair, I managed to finish them all. My brother-in-law Golan will get his within the next couple of weeks!

I love to knit socks, since they are a nice little project that does not take too long and that is not too boring to knit. Unlike a scarf for example, socks are divided in four parts, gusset, heel, foot and toe, that require a different kind of attention. I also like to switch it up by knitting different and new patterns with each pair of socks.

The first pair of socks I knitted were made for my sister-in-law Laura.

They are made from ‘Patons Kroy Socks’ (Brown Rose Marl) yarn with a lovely cable bow pattern on the top side of the foot. I think the pattern came out really nicely and goes quite well with the pink and grey color of the yarn.

The yarn is a 4-ply with a 75% wool and 25% Nylon mix. Although it says it’s #1 fingering weight yarn, I find it is thicker than regular sock yarn and the patterns/needle size should be adjusted slightly. It also does not run as long as other yarn, so keep that in mind for big sized socks. For women socks, 2 skeins are fine, for men over a size 43/44 (US10) you might need 3 skeins.


2015 christmas, laura2
Laura’s Christmas Socks, Cable Bow Pattern


2015 christmas, laura1
Laura’s Christmas Socks, Paton Kroy Sock Yarn

I hope you like them! For details on the pattern, please send me a message.
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Hello world!


I am Lisa Juen, a German native living in Utica, NY with my husband and kid. In 2007, I received my Masters degree in jewellery making and goldsmithing and I have been creating jewellery and small objects ever since. My latest studio is based in an old industrial brick building in downtown Utica and there is soon to be the ‘ProonK Gallery’, accompanying it.
You can read about all my jewellery adventures and news in my ProonK Jewellery blog here: LisaJuenProonK

In my spare time, I love to engage myself with anything crafty and hand-made. My absolute favorite is knitting and this passion is the reason for starting this second blog. The subjects I will talk about here might overlap with ProonK and my jewellery background sometimes, hence the name ‘The Jewel Knitter’. Alongside knitting and jewellery making, I will also write about other crafty techniques and people/blogs that I am interested in.

I hope you will like my little projects! Thank you for being here!


pink flower earrings small
‘Pink Flower Earrings’, ProonK 2014                                                                                 (Crocheted fine silver wire, enamel, peridot, agate, plastic, fine silver.)