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Sewing, ‘The Sweet Dress’ & ‘The Dainty Darling Dress’

Since the births of my son and daughter, I have not really had a lot of time to go downtown and work in my jewellery studio. During the day, I am mainly Mama. The only time I have to get my creative juices flowing is at night, once the little ones are in bed. This does… Continue reading Sewing, ‘The Sweet Dress’ & ‘The Dainty Darling Dress’


The Jewel Knitter’s ‘Jewel Booties’

For a long time, I have been thinking about a way to combine my passion of making jewellery with my passion to knit. When my son was born, I naturally started knitting a lot of baby apparel for him. I especially loved to knit booties and after having followed a few design instructions I found online and… Continue reading The Jewel Knitter’s ‘Jewel Booties’

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Christmas Craziness 2015 – Joanie & Tom

My husbands aunt Joanie and his dad Tom both have a very extraordinary taste when it comes to color combinations. So, for their sock Christmas present, I could unwrap my wildest yarn. Since Tom ‘murdered’ one sock of a previous pair of socks that I had knitted for him by putting it in the dryer… Continue reading Christmas Craziness 2015 – Joanie & Tom