Star Wars Mania: ‘The BB8 Dress’

As I have mentioned before, my family is pretty Star Wars crazy. Now with all the new hype about the new movies, it is very easy finding great Star Wars fabrics. Especially ones that are related to all the new releases. Since I made a Star Wars suit for my little boy, I needed something matching for my daughter and I got to work on a dress featuring BB8.

Again, apart form the basic shape of the top part for size, the dress is my own design. When I made it, I wanted to create something that went in line with the fashion that is shown in the films. Something that flows, wraps and that is not too girly. More functional and a touch military like.

The result is a dress that has a somewhat simple skirt made from a black and white herringbone pattern, covered by two ‘skirt flaps’ on each side. It has no sleeves but two straps of bright neon fabric running over the shoulder, like some sort of military badge and it has a belt that is held together by a metal closing.

I think it ended up to be a very pretty dress but it still has a bit of a tough attitude to it. What do you think?


2017 bb8 dress1
‘The BB8 Dress’ front


2017 bb8 dress2
‘The BB8 Dress’ back


2017 bb8 dress4
‘The BB8 Dress’


2017 bb8 dress3
‘The BB8 Dress’


2017 bb8 dress5
‘The BB8 Dress’


‘The BB8 Dress’ is now available in my Etsy Shop.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for clicking by!

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