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Sewing, ‘The Sweet Dress’ & ‘The Dainty Darling Dress’

Since the births of my son and daughter, I have not really had a lot of time to go downtown and work in my jewellery studio. During the day, I am mainly Mama. The only time I have to get my creative juices flowing is at night, once the little ones are in bed. This does not necessarily help with my sleeping pattern but it puts a smile on my face in terms of keeping my hands and brain busy.

Now that I have two little people running around and since they are in constant need of clothes, I have been quite into sewing lately. Before then, I just occasionally sat down and made something, so I am still pretty much a novice.

Therefore, I purchased a lot of clothes sewing books. I prefer the books over the single packs of patterns, because one seems to get more for the money. Usually those books are filled with a variety of different patterns, plus they include really great instructions and illustrations on how to get the projects finished.

So far, one of my absolute favorite books is ‘Sew Classic Clothes for Girls’ by Lindsay Wilkes. She also has a nice blog that you can find here: The Cottage Mama

I have made quite a few dresses and skirts from that book already and all of them turned out incredibly cute. The instructions are easy to understand and really every pattern in this book is worth pursuing.

One pattern I fell in love with instantly was the ‘The Sweet Dress’. It is very similar to the ‘Dainty Darling Dress’ only that it has a two layered skirt, no puff sleeves and no collar.

I made the ‘Dainty Darling Dress’ for my little lady for Christmas (without puff sleeves) and when my niece came to town, who is only two months younger than my little girl, I made them matching outfits using the ‘Sweet Dress’ pattern.

Here are the results, made from 100% cotton fabric, size 12 months.

First, ‘The Sweet Dress’ in a mix of aqua polka dots and dark blue floral prints made from 100% cotton.





‘The Dainty Darling Dress’ in red and green Christmas patterns made from 100% cotton fabric. I also made a little coordinating outfit for my son.





I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading.

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