The Jewel Knitter’s ‘Jewel Booties’

For a long time, I have been thinking about a way to combine my passion of making jewellery with my passion to knit.

When my son was born, I naturally started knitting a lot of baby apparel for him. I especially loved to knit booties and after having followed a few design instructions I found online and in books, I came up with my own design of a baby bootie sporting a leather sole. I wanted to make a bootie that looked a little more like a shoe but still had the warmth of the knit.

Initially, they started off as tie-ons:





Then, I designed them with a button on the side:





At last, I had the idea that truly combines my jewellery making with my knitting. I created ‘buttons’ made from fine silver and enamel: The ‘Jewel Booties’ were born.

The ‘Jewel Booties’ are a pair of baby shoes that keep tiny feet toasty and warm but also make mum sparkle with pride.
When baby is small, the little one can wear the booties on their feet. Once the baby outgrows the shoes, mum can cut off the buttons and attach them to the provided chains.

Now baby and mum can wear a sparkling keepsake around their necks that they can enjoy for years to come.

The babies first initial is written in silver wire in the center of the button and is customized with each pair. The color of the enamel can also be individually picked to ensure a more personalized gift. The same goes for the yarn and the leather that can be hand-picked prior to knitting.

The booties come in three sizes: S (Newborn), M (0-6 months), L (6-12 months)

The ‘Jewel Booties’




The ‘Jewel Booties’ as well as some tie-ons and buttoned booties will be on sale at Ethnic Meals and More in Utica, NY on November 11th and 12th. Please join us for their 10th anniversary and check out their beautiful products.

Soon, the booties will be available online as well. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch for any interest or inquiry.
I will keep you posted about my future progress.

Thank you for reading!

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