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Win a bag of yarn on!

I am a big fan of other knitting and handcrafting blogs and I follow quite a few. One of my favorites is called Strickpraxis, written by a German lady, Ingrid, who likes to write about her knitting experiences as well as home deco, photography and cooking. She does a lot of cool stuff, like offering knitting classes on a cruise ship! (I would LOVE to do that too!) Her blog posts are never boring but it’s all written in German.

However, she is affiliated to the Zauberwiese Shop, a German yarn shop that specializes in hand-dyeing yarns. Until Sunday, Feb. 14th, you can have a look at the shop’s products and leave a comment on Ingrid’s website about why you would like to win a surprise bag of Zauberwiese’s yarn and which product from their collection you like most. I am sure you can leave a comment in English too. The entire Zauberwiese website can be displayed in English also, just click on the flag in the corner.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.27.47 PM

If you should be the lucky winner, you can choose from a multi-colored, aqua-colored or earth-colored surprise bag of yarn. Just mention in your comment which one you would prefer and you might be knitting for free in no time!

The bag contains three skeins of 100g yarns and a little surprise. Not too shabby for me, I will leave a comment for sure and keep fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I actually ended up ordering a surprise bag in earth colors for my mum in Germany. She loves to knit too and since our family is going to have two new babies joining us soon, I thought she might like a little Easter surprise. Besides, my dad ALWAYS needs new socks… 😉

Happy commenting and good luck!

Thank you for reading!

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