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Christmas Craziness 2015 – Joanie & Tom

2015 christmas socks tom
Tom’s Christmas Tube Socks 2015

My husbands aunt Joanie and his dad Tom both have a very extraordinary taste when it comes to color combinations. So, for their sock Christmas present, I could unwrap my wildest yarn.

Since Tom ‘murdered’ one sock of a previous pair of socks that I had knitted for him by putting it in the dryer and it of course shrunk two sizes, I thought I would make him a pair of tube socks. So, that if he should make that mistake again, he might still be able to wear them. Just for fun, I made a pair of tube socks for Joanie too.

2015 christmas socks joanie
Joanie’s Christmas Tube Socks 2015

The wool for Joanie’s socks came from two German stores. One was is a blend from Regia and the other one was from Aldi. (Yes, Aldi… Aldi in Germany is even more awesome than in the US and they really have great stuff other than food, especially around Christmas. It is really inexpensive too, so whenever they have yarn, I stock up!) The fiber mixture of both yarns was I believe the same, 75% wool and 25% nylon. The Regia skein is a 4-ply yarn, I assume the Aldi one is too but I am not certain. Both knit nicely with a little ‘fluff’ around the edges. As you can guess, I altered the two yarns when knitting to achieve the stripes.

The yarn for Tom’s socks was a Regia skein also. This one was a special skein that was dyed for the Dutch soccer team, in honor of the Soccer Worldcup of 2014. I liked the orange and white color and thought it would be great for Tom. …and it was a big hit at Christmas!

The pattern of both socks is the same. It is a pretty simple K2, P2 repetition that is pushed to the side by one stitch after every four rows.

I hope you like it! Please get in touch for more information on the pattern.

Thank you for reading!
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