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Christmas Craziness 2015 – Joanie & Tom

My husbands aunt Joanie and his dad Tom both have a very extraordinary taste when it comes to color combinations. So, for their sock Christmas present, I could unwrap my wildest yarn. Since Tom ‘murdered’ one sock of a previous pair of socks that I had knitted for him by putting it in the dryer… Continue reading Christmas Craziness 2015 – Joanie & Tom

knitted socks

Christmas Craziness 2015 – ‘Laura’

I would like to start off this blog with a little Christmas project I was working on for Christmas 2015. ┬áMy family loves hand-knitted socks and they really do make a great little gift. So, I decided to knit a pair of socks for all of them. As usual, I started off a little late,… Continue reading Christmas Craziness 2015 – ‘Laura’