Hello world!


I am Lisa Juen, a German native living in Utica, NY with my husband and kid. In 2007, I received my Masters degree in jewellery making and goldsmithing and I have been creating jewellery and small objects ever since. My latest studio is based in an old industrial brick building in downtown Utica and there is soon to be the ‘ProonK Gallery’, accompanying it.
You can read about all my jewellery adventures and news in my ProonK Jewellery blog here: LisaJuenProonK

In my spare time, I love to engage myself with anything crafty and hand-made. My absolute favorite is knitting and this passion is the reason for starting this second blog. The subjects I will talk about here might overlap with ProonK and my jewellery background sometimes, hence the name ‘The Jewel Knitter’. Alongside knitting and jewellery making, I will also write about other crafty techniques and people/blogs that I am interested in.

I hope you will like my little projects! Thank you for being here!


pink flower earrings small
‘Pink Flower Earrings’, ProonK 2014                                                                                 (Crocheted fine silver wire, enamel, peridot, agate, plastic, fine silver.)




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